The Colisseum Day Spa

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Madame & Monsieur

The Colissuem Health Hydro  is a licensed Madame & Monsieur Electro-Body Sculpting Salon.

Electro and Infrared Therapy ( Non Physical Workout )

Madame & Monsieur Electro and Infrared Therapy allows clients  Half-hour no stress treatments equivalent to six hours normal exercise. These half-hour treatments have the same effect as 600 sit-ups,leg lifts and push ups.

The fascinating results of our electro and infrared treatments are that it
  • Burns Fat
  • Tones the body and firms muscle
  • Reduces Flab & Cellulite
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Rejuvenates the overall look and feel of your Body
  • Lowering of Cholesterol Levels
  • Lowering of Blood Pressure

With this treatment clients will receive a well-balanced vitamin enriched, low carbohydrates eating plan.